Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

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Published: 19 December 2015
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Vision, Mission, and Values

Membership in the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) is dependent upon sharing the Vision, Mission, and code of ethics (values). ISNS is the governing board which provides Certification for Neuro-Semantic Trainers and Meta-Coaches.

The Vision:

Our vision in Neuro-Semantics is to make explicit the processes by which we create rich and inspiring meanings and then integrate them into our performance. Neuro-Semantics, as the performance of the highest and most enhancing meanings, focuses on applying what we know to ourselves and to close our knowing-doing gap and unleashing our highest potentials.

Our vision is to launch an international community of professional men and women who both love and know Neuro-Semantics and who live it. We see people taking NLP models and patterns to a higher level in performance and attitude as they add the Meta-State model to their understanding. Because reflexivity is built into the Meta-States model, our vision is that of people effectively applying the patterns to ourselves. We envision "walking our talk" and manifesting it as our congruence and integrity as our attractor frame in Neuro-Semantics. We envision a collaborative and cooperative style since we can do so much more together than individually. We envision setting and living by the higher frames of abundance leading to win/win collegial relationships and mutual accountability. We envision a community of men and women, professional in their business dealings, effective, productive, and high performers.

The Mission:

Our Mission is to model the structure of excellence, expertise, and mastery. We model human experience to extend our understanding and to create increasingly more effective patterns for improving the quality of our lives, families, and organizations. Our aim is to eliminate the knowing-doing gap that prevents the full experiencing of the great ideas and principles. Our mission is to take our skills and experiences to higher levels of personal power and focus, genius states, integrity, creativity, cooperation, resilience, etc.

We will apply Meta-States to new areas and to develop new models and patterns that affect our health and fitness, wealth creation, leadership, cultural change, political change, etc. In a word, our mission to produce the most robust performance of our highest and most inspiring meanings.


The Values


1) Apply to self.

To walk the talk, reflect on our own development, and lead by going first in self-application. Our standard is to be congruent and personally aligned, to increasingly develop our state management skills and practice, to always be learning and improving. The counter values are incongruence, lack of state management, hypocrisy, mere image management.


2) Collaborative cooperation.

To get along with each other, to "play well together," to be good team members, to contribute and support each other. To respect each other, to recognize the innate value and dignity of others, to accept them and distinguish between person and behavior, to support the person while speaking to the needs of the behavior. The counter values are competition, gossip, backbiting, judgments of person, tri-angling.


3) Peak performances.

To take effective action on what we know, to receive feedback and refine our skills so that we become productive and efficient in our performances. The counter values are "talk, talk, talk," lack of productive action, procrastination, ineffectiveness.


4) Abundance.

To create richness, wealth, and to lead by going first and showing the way, to give back to others, to contribute, to live knowing that we can do so much more together than alone. The counter values are scarcity, competition, and pettiness.


5) Responsibility and integrity.

To assume personal responsibility for our primary powers (thought and emotion, speech and behavior), to eliminate excuses and rationalizations when we have made a mistake, to take initiate, to be proactive, to recognize our responsibility for our actions and our contributions in relation to others. The counter values are blaming, judging, rationalizing, justifying, etc.


6) Quality of customer service and products.

To create the best of experiences, trainings, products, and customer service. People come first, second products. The counter values are poor attention to detail, to quality, sloppy productions.


7) Direct and forthright communication.

To communicate directly and forthrightly that gets to the heart of things. The The counter values are tri-angling, gossip.