What is Coaching

What is the Meta-States® Model?

Meta-States is a reflexivity model, developed by L. Michael Hall for accessing and refining the thoughts in the back of our mind--- the thoughts-and-feelings that we have about our thoughts-and-feelings.  We call these thoughts-and-feelings a meta-state.  As a function of our ability to reflect upon ourselves and our experiences, we apply one state to another, and so layer state upon state.  This model gives a Coach the ability to precision question to find these meta-state structures and to invite a client to become aware of these structures for quality controlling and evaluating. For more information on the Meta-States Model, see Secrets of Personal Mastery, by L. Michael Hall or The Meta-States Model, by L. Michale Hall.


What is the Axes of Change ModelTM?

The Axes of Change Model co-developed by  L. Michael Hall was the first change specfic model in the field of Coaching for supporting healthy self actualisating individuals and groups facilitate the four stages of change, using nine different change specific Coaching skills. For more informaiton on the Axes of Change Model.


What is the Matrix ModelTM?

The Matrix Model developed by L.Michael Hall is a systemic framework that combines cognitive-behavioural psychology and developmental psychology to provide a dynamic way to think about how all of our meanings frames, such as beliefs, values, understandings etc are embedded within frames work as a unified system.  The Matrix model is used in Neuro-Semantics to detect the meaning frames that governs a person's life and experiences, and to transform limiting and even toxic meaning frames to more empowering and enhancing frames.  This model gives a Coach a holistic model for working with both individuals and organisations for profiling and tracing a change through the entire system.  For more information on the Matrix Model see the book by the same name by L.Michael Hall.


What is the NS Benchmarking ModelTM?

The NS benchmarking model co-developed by  L. Michael Hall provides a model for measuring the iimplementation of change and way to begin to measure an intangible idea or skill.  It begins by operationalizing a term by finding behavioural equivalents of the term and scaling them from 0 to 5 to specify the degree and extent of a skill from unconscious competence to high level conscious and unconscious competence.  Benchmarking provides a way to measure and mark degrees of competence and to more easily replicate high quality skills of expertise.


What is the NS Self Actualisation ModelTM?

There are three NS self-actualization models developed by l. Michael Hall. the NS Self-Actualization model specifies the theoretical frameworks of the concept of self-actualizing (making actual one's potentials by mobilizing resources), the Matrix of Self-Actualization, and the Self-Actualization Quadrants. These models detail the definition, meaning, components, and processes of actualizing one's best possibilities.  In the context of coaching, these models actualize the best visions in the human potential movement by Maslow, Rogers, Carl, and others by giving practical processes.



Source: www.metacoachfoundation.org

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